Diamond Kote Protection Products

Appearance Protection Products

Diamond Kote's superior protection technologies keep your vehicle looking new inside and out, around the clock.

Paint Protection

Diamond Kote NanoCrystal Paint Protection - Defy the Elements
Creates hard working barrier that protects against the destructive elements your vehicle faces daily.

  • Is factory paint tough enough??

Even as your new vehicle rolls off the assembly line, the paint finish is not protected. In fact, the paint is less than half the thickness of a common credit card.

Rust & Corrosion Protection

Diamond Kote Liquid Corrosion Protection - Rust Never Sleeps

It penetrates deep into trouble spots, stopping rust before it starts. The scientifically engineered protection expands and contracts with the temperature changes, while keeping air and water out.

Diamond Kote Sound Shield Undercoating - Block Out Rust and Sound

The premium and virtually indestructible vulcanized rubber undercoating not only protects your vehicle from the elements and rust, but also blocked excessive road and engine noise.

  • What is the purpose of the Sound Shield??

Sound Shield is a permanent, durable coating applied to the under body of your vehicle protecting and insulating it against moisture, temperature extremes, abrasion, road noise, and corrosion.


Corrosion Control Modules For Steel & Aluminum Vehicles

DK Corrosion Protection Unit (C.P.U.) - No Wires, No Hassle

The DK C.P.U is a revolutionary wireless automotive corrosion protection device that uses the vehicle's electronic diagnostic systems to protect your investment. The unit plugs directly into your OBDii Port, monitoring the flow of free electrons in the metal providing the right amount of current to stabilize the electrochemical corrosion process in metal.

DK9000 Platinum - Stop Steel Corrosion Where it Lives

The most technologically advanced and best selling corrosion control module, DK9000 uses electronically controlled impressed current and sacrificial anode technology to stop corrosion before it starts.

  • Why should I rust protect my vehicle??

Vehicle corrosion is a fact of life. The total cost of corrosion to vehicle owners is estimated at 23.4 Billion USD per year! Rust shortens the life of your vehicle and reduces its re-sale value..


Interior Protection

Diamond Kote NanoCrystal Fabric Protection - Keep the Interior Looking Newer Longer

The NanoCrystal Fabric Protection forms a strong, invisible shield, without altering the natural beauty of carpets and upholstery.

Diamond Kote Leather & Vinyl Protection - Stay Beautiful from the Inside Out

Creates an invisible and breathable protection shield.

  • Why protect your vehicles interior??

Interior protection forms an invisible barrier that protects all fabric and leather/vinyl that protects all fabric from spills and discoloration while preserving the natural beauty of your interior.