Donation/Sponsorship Requests

The Lloydminster area has a vast selection of local charities and non-profit organizations that support the individuals that need it in our community. Silverwood Toyota is proud to represent the Lloydminster area and assist local charities with their mission.

We are eager to support any event or organization that has a positive impact on those in need.

At Silverwood Toyota, we value your contribution to our community. As much as we wish we could help fund and support every charity, it just isn’t realistic. If you are looking for support from Silverwood Toyota, please fill out the Donation Request Form located below. Although submitting a request does not guarantee a donation, we assure you every donation and cause is seriously considered. Written, email and phone requests will not be accepted, so please utilize this form to start the process.

We appreciate you thinking of Silverwood Toyota as a supporter.

Thank you for your hard work towards your charity or non-profit and best of luck with all your future efforts!