Your car becomes a part of your family, and it can be tough to say goodbye after owning it for so long. But, if you no longer need your vehicle or need cash for a down payment on a new vehicle, trading is a great choice.  Here are a few easy steps you can take that will help you get the biggest offer.  We’ll you walk through what you need to do before visiting our dealership.

Maximize Your Trade-In Value

Appearances matter. The way your car looks inside & out is going to be a big factor in the value of your car. No matter how impressive the engine or performance is, there aren’t many people who are going to buy a car that looks in subpar condition. Make sure to tidy up your vehicle’s interior and exterior before arriving to help you automatically increase the value of your trade appraisal.  Also, if possible, ensuring that everything is in good working order can make it more desirable.

Figure Out What Your Car Is Worth

Prior to negotiating your trade-in, it is a good idea to have a realistic idea of what your car’s value actually is. There are a number of resources available to help you pin down an appropriate figure and to assist, make sure to try our online Trade Tool. This will give you a real-time evaluation based on current market value. Once you’ve got an idea of what the car is worth, you’re in a better position to set your own trade-in price and start your negotiating with our Sales Advisors.

Time Your Trade

Certain times of the year are better than others to trade-in a vehicle, depending on what type of vehicle it is. In the summer months, car buyers are more excited to be shopping for convertibles and sports cars, but come winter, trucks and SUVs will be in high demand. If possible, timing your trade-in helps ensure that you will get the best dollar for your vehicle.

Another good idea is to also keep an eye on gas prices. If they’re fairly high and you’ve got something that gets great fuel mileage or is a hybrid, that’s something that car dealers shouldn’t have much trouble selling.

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