Service & Parts Specials

Change Your Tires For Winter

Get All-Season or Winter Tires That You Can Count On

Winter is almost here. That means harsh road conditions & arctic temperatures. Get ready with new all-season or winter tires installed by the experts. 

Invest In a Toyota Premium Battery

Toyota Builds Batteries For The Long Haul

Toyota Premium Batteries feature one of the best warranties in the industry-pro-rated coverage for up to 84 months plus 24 months of free replacement that includes installation. If you're venturing far from home, make sure you're all powered up.

Check Out Hybrid Wiper Blades

They're The Best Windshield Wipers For Your Toyota

Your wipers have been freezing to your windshield and pushing snow around for months. If you find yourself peering through the gaps, it's time for a new set. Premium all-season Toyota Genuine Wiper Blades are your best option for spring replacements.

Book Your Engine Air Filter Replacement

Breathe Easy With a New Air Filter

A triple-layered Toyota Genuine Engine Air Filter is like a new set of lungs for your vehicle. For a low price, you'll reduce emissions and maintain your fuel economy. When your Toyota can breath better, it'll run its best.

Replace Your Brake Pads

Stop On A Dime With New Toyota Brake Pads

Genuine Toyota Genuine Brake Pads keep you and your family safe on the road. If your brakes are feeling soft, bring back their responsiveness with this easy service. A little attention now will mean a confident road trip later.

Ask Us About Engine Oil System Cleaner

One Bottle Could Make A World A Difference

Sludge and particles build up in your engine over time, reducing your efficiency and speeding up the wear of engine parts. Ask your Toyota Certified Technician if your engine's oil system could use a refresh.

It's Time For A Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Spring Smells Fresher With a New Air Filter

No one drives with the windows rolled down in the winter, so your Toyota Genuine Cabin Air Filter has been working extra hard these past few months to keep your interior fresh. Spring is a great time for a change.

Install a Long Range Remote Engine Starter

Convenience Got More Affordable

If you've been dreaming of remote start all winter, now's your chance to make it happen. A long range remote starter offers year-round benefits, including a great new price. Let the experts install it.

Get an Alignment With Your Seasonal Tire Change

Stay On Track

If you're constantly correcting your direction, chances are your alignment is out of whack, which is bad news for any long stretch of fast highway this summer. Get an alignment when you change your tires over and you'll be good to go.

Your Rotors Are Asking For Help

Noisy Brakes Just Want Your Attention

Clicking, grinding, squeaking or screeching when you apply the brakes means its time for new rotors. For the health and safety of your vehicle, don't wait another minute. Restore your quiet ride with Toyota Genuine parts installed by the experts.

Pick Up A Paint Pen

Restore Your Finish In a Flash

Toyota Touch-Up Paint Pens are an easy solution for small problems. They're the only products on the market with both a base and clear coat in a single unit, and they're made to match the finish and colour of your Toyota perfectly.

It's Time For a Complete Fuel System Clean

Detox Your Valves and Injectors

Toyota Complete Fuel System Cleaner does a wide range of dirty work and comes with a small price tag. Your fuel system has been working hard in tough conditions all winter long. This is a great way to say thanks.